The MIT Technology Review is a bimonthly magazine that is owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While owned by the university, it is editorially independent. Founded in 1899, it first appeared as The Technology Review, but on April 23, 1998, it was relaunched without the “The.”
MIT Technology Review is a nonprofit organization

The redesign of the MIT Technology Review’s website will introduce new layouts, colors, and typography. The organization will emphasize photography, illustration, infographics, and a contemporary color palette, which brings out data. The new design also features a new monogram: a 45-degree cut through the letter “T” forms the lowercase “r.” This update to the longstanding “TR” logo helps organize typography and call out information.

MIT Technology Review is an independent media organization founded in 1899 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The organization analyzes the latest innovations and interviews leading researchers and innovators. The organization is committed to responsible journalism and the ethical treatment of its sources. It is one of the most widely read independent media companies in the world. To help it achieve its goal of responsible journalism, Pentagram has designed the new brand identity and editorial design for MIT Technology Review.

While the journal focuses on emerging technologies, MIT Technology Review also covers mature fields. It also serves as an alumni magazine for the university. In fact, the publication features a “MIT News” section in its newsletter sent to MIT alumni. This section does not appear in the magazine’s general circulation. MIT is committed to the integrity of its publication, which is why the magazine’s content is a source of inspiration and information for countless business leaders.
Its editorial style

The MIT Technology Review is a bimonthly magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Though it is owned by the university, the publication is editorially independent. It was founded in 1899 as The Technology Review but relaunched in April 1998 without the “The” prefix. In September 2005, the magazine adopted a more traditional, historical magazine look. However, the magazine continues to cover the latest advances in technology and business.
Its platforms for accepting reviews

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