It eventually led to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues – even in a room full of people I could feel totally alone. Looking back now, I think I felt lonely due to the lack of meaningful connections or feelings of belonging. Loneliness is not something that should be taken lightly; it’s a real emotion that needs to be addressed in order to prevent further mental how to cope with loneliness during addiction recovery health issues from coming up. When I was out there drinking, over the years, I began to drift further and further away from reality as my alcoholism progressed. This tore apart the relationships with my wife and kids, co-workers, and long-time friends – anyone who loved or cared about me at all. The only time I was able to get out of my head was when I was good-n-drunk.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to reach out to your loved ones, it might be helpful to start slowly. Come up with just one supportive friend or family member who you could imagine reaching out to. It’s also reassuring to know that strong social support is beneficial for your mental health. It is important to highlight that everyone has mental health and that isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Myths About Trauma and Addiction

In fact, research shows that doing so contributes to our social and emotional well-being. Because loneliness is a somewhat widespread issue, there are many people online who are looking for people to connect with. Find people with similar interests by joining Facebook or Meetup groups focused on your passions. Check to see if any apps you use, like fitness or workout apps, have a social element or discussion board to join. Joining a class or club can also provide a sense of belonging that comes with being part of a group.

And, you may find yourself needing to cope with feelings of loneliness without alcohol. At Clear Life Recovery, we help people deal with their substance abuse and provide ways to combat anxiety and loneliness in recovery. We customize each of our plans for our patient’s unique needs and circumstances. Everyone’s substance abuse journey is different, so their treatment plan needs to reflect this.

Loneliness and Self-Isolation

You don’t have to try to cope with life and addiction all on your own. Reach out to us now, no matter the time of day or night, even if you’re not sure what you want to do yet and just need someone to listen. Loneliness is, ultimately, a detachment from yourself. Focusing on yourself and your needs may at first be uncomfortable, however, learning to enjoy your own company is the first step to combatting loneliness.

But, if you say no to every gathering you are invited to, you can’t expect to be anything but lonely! In order to combat loneliness, you must put yourself out there. Sobriety sometimes means applying the phrase “out with the old and in with the new” to your friendships and support group.

How Do You Improve Your Self-Awareness in Addiction Recovery?

However, people at work have their own lives and concerns and you may or may not have any points of connection. Relationships are given and taken, but that also makes them active and connected. If you’re taking the time to listen to others and reach out to others when they need it, you’re also connecting, which helps remove the emotional detachment of being lonely. Giving support and receiving support is another way to deal positively with loneliness.

  • Battling feelings of loneliness, developing a new life in sobriety, and learning how to love yourself are things that all take time.
  • If someone is abusing drugs like Xanax, cocaine, or other highly addictive substances, he or she can equally find it hard to quit or go cold turkey.
  • For many people, learning how to socialize without alcohol can be intimidating.
  • When you get treatment and get sober, you may expect all of your relationships to be restored and for loneliness to become a thing of the past.

A strong support system can reduce the risk of depression, self-harm, and help individuals recover from addiction. Reach out and show up for meetings and gatherings. Communication is key to helping your loved ones understand the situation and recovery process.

Outpatient rehab programs in New Jersey are an excellent form of treatment for individuals who do not require intensive care…. What is Nature Therapy and How Does it Benefit Addiction Recovery? Addiction can impact every part of a person, from their mental and physical health to their relationships and communities.

  • Adderall Street Names and Slang Terms Adderall is a prescription stimulant drug primarily used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder .
  • Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive disease that can wreak havoc on your life.
  • You may find yourself spending countless nights lying awake, wondering if….
  • Or, you’re living alone after rehab, and you don’t have a community of friends, family, or sober individuals to support you.
  • Additionally, losing relationships due to past addiction can produce feelings of loneliness.